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By primechoicemea4456, Oct 7 2019 03:15PM

Hello Everyone!

We've had a great summer, and we are sad to see the summer weather end- but it leads the way for something else, and that's WILD GAME HUNTING SEASON!

We've established certain hours for drop off of wild game products. Please Note: They may be different from normal business hours due to the paperwork and time it takes to check your wild game in.

We are accepting wild game during the following hours:

Monday - Saturday: 9AM until 5PM

Sunday: 9AM until NOON

Also please bring your wild game in CLEAN. We process your wild game and return YOUR WILD GAME, without mixing with other hunter's meat. If additional cleaning is necessary to process your wild game, we will charge accordingly at our hourly shop rate.

Any questions, please free to give us a call!

By primechoicemea4456, Feb 19 2019 05:13PM

Good Morning, Meat Lovers!!!

We are working hard to finish up all of the venison processing items that were brought in this past deer season! We did get a little backed up due to the weeks of cutting we lose due to the week of gun hunting, and the busy weeks of Christmas and New Years. We are steadily catching back up, and can't wait to call you and have you pick up your goodies!

*PLEASE NOTE* We are NO LONGER TAKING IN FULL CARCASS VENISON this season. If you've got boneless venison that you would like processed, please feel free to bring it in (with the proper documentation) and we would be happy to make it into something yummy! It's ALWAYS best to bring your venison in while we are still processing, as we can return it to you in a more timely fashion than when the wild game processing season ends. Keep in mind that NO MATTER WHAT, you always get your own meat back at Prime Choice!

Thanks for reading!


By primechoicemea4456, Jan 25 2019 08:42PM


Monday - Saturday: 9am-5:30pm

Sunday: CLOSED until spring. Watch for updates!

We also wanted to let everyone know that we are working hard to finish up everyone's venison orders as fast as possible! If you've got an order being processed by us, please rest assured it is getting finished in order as quickly as possible! Our processing numbers are up this year, so please bear with us while we get things finished up for you! Remember- with our wild game processing, you always get YOUR OWN MEAT BACK! We don't (and never will!) mix your meat with anyone elses!

By primechoicemea4456, Sep 5 2018 03:00PM

We are excited for the coming wild game processing season, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

*All Wild Game MUST have documentation of License/Registration upon drop-off

*Bear is only accepted if skinned and quartered. Check in is during normal business hours only.

*Any wild game to be checked in (including whole deer) must be dressed and rinsed clean. Check in is during normal business hours only.

*YOUR MEAT is used for YOUR PRODUCT. Processing will be done in order, and can take 8+ weeks for return of your product.

By primechoicemea4456, Sep 2 2018 03:24PM

We are open Labor Day Monday from 9am to 1pm, then we will follow our new fall hours.

Fall hours:

Monday through Saturday- 9amto 5:30pm

Sunday- 9am-1pm

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