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Wisconsin's premier meats

If Prime Choice Meat Market trusts a local or regional brand or supplier, then you know you can too.


We wouldn't feed our family any food we didn't know inside and out - and we wouldn't let yours eat it either.

Stop buying your bacon and sausage at the grocery store! All of ours is smoked in our very own smokehouse!  We offer a huge selection of unique flavors.


Every meat product under one roof

You can get it all at Prime Choice Meat Market - all of your favorite cuts of USDA Prime or Choice beef, pork, organic chicken, many types of poultry, as well as authentic bologna, kielbasa, bratwurst, mettwurst, or wieners.


We also offer specialty cheeses including fresh cheese curds and 3 different types of string cheese.




for your family

Where is your dinner coming from?

When shopping in the grocery store, are you concerned with all of the additives, hormones, fillers, and ingredients in your meats? At Prime Choice Meat Market, we believe that your meat should have one ingredient only and you should know exactly where it is sourced. Every item we offer is prepared or cut specifically for your order.

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Specialty Bratwurst

Select from cranberry, onion, jalapeno, blueberry and sauerkraut.  

$4.99 / lb


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