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"Your Hometown Old Fashioned Butcher Shop And Market"

Prime Choice butchers

Your venison, the way you want it

Each animal is processed individually and with special attention from start to finish.


Choose your cut: any type of steaks, roasts, burgers, fresh products, and smoked products such as jerky or bacon.

Smoking is a great way to preserve your venison and enable it to last through the long winter months. We offer a huge variety of custom smoking options.


Top of the line meat products

Our services don't stop at venison processing - Prime Choice Meat Market also offers custom smoking services.


Our counter has a huge selection of meats and cheeses plus we now offer wine and gifts.

Venison meat



to your request

You enjoy hunting, we'll do the work

After a long day of hunting, you deserve to sit back and relax. Let Prime Choice Meat Market do the dirty work for you. Our clean, state-of-the-art processing facility is regularly inspected and extremely sanitary.

Do you have questions about venison processing? Visit 1144 Hwy 45 South or call,

Meat Raffle

The local American Legion is always sponsoring exciting events to support our troops!

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