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"Your Hometown Old Fashioned Butcher Shop And Market"


All of our homemade products are locally and regionally sourced to provide you with top quality at an affordable price. Visit us today or call us now at:

In the old days, actually not so long ago, every town had one butcher and every single resident knew him personally. You deserve to know exactly where you meat comes from, what’s in it, and who is handling it.


Prime Choice Meat Market offers affordable hand cut meat products and specialty smoked items all created just for you onsite. Visit us at 1144 Hwy 45 South to see our huge selection of beef, poultry, sausage, cheese, wine, and gifts for yourself. For your convenience, we even offer venison processing.

Revert to the ways of old - know your meat and butcher

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Don't know what to do for dinner tonight?

How about homemade, smoked Polish kielbasa?

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